Tierra Realty is committed to building truly healthy sustainable communities that drastically minimize the impact on the environment during construction and during the housing’s lifespan. We are achieving our sustainability goals by implementing, when financially feasible, the following green building characteristics:

  • 100% Passive Solar Orientation
  • Thermal Massing
  • Active Solar including Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal
  • Low VOC, Recycled Building Materials
  • Long Life Cycle Building Materials
  • Energy Star Rated Appliances
  • Low Flow Fixtures
  • Grey and Black Water Treatment Systems for Landscape Irrigation
  • Rain Water Catchment Systems
  • Pervious Parking Surfaces
  • Living Gardens-Fruit Trees
  • Community Gardens
  • Infill Sites with Maximum Passive Solar Potential
  • Electric HVAC Systems Convertible to Renewable Green Electricity

It is our hope that in the near future as the Green Tech tax-advantaged finance markets mature and the renewable energy products become more affordable and efficient all of our communities we build will be 100% energy independent.

We believe architecture can positively impact the human experience.

Our commitment to sustainable architecture

Our goal is to create original organic sustainable texture-filled architecture that is responsive to the region’s climate and vernacular utilizing materials that are regional and will age gracefully.

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